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Update to the EWS

CXC prioritises the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, clients and the community.

With the spread of the COVID-19 virus, many health professionals are advising against mass gatherings and international travel. That’s why, after careful monitoring of the situation, we’ve decided to make our Emerging Workforce Summit an online-only event.

You’ll still be able to catch webinars from our elite team of workforce professionals, who will provide you with leading trends, global insights and tangible strategies to help you prepare for the new world of work.

Stay tuned for announcements on upcoming webinars, which will be conducted throughout April and May.

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We’ve assembled an elite team of workforce professionals specialising in establishing, advising and supporting contingent and total talent programs. Local and international expertise includes HR and Talent, Technology, Risk Management, Legal, Procurement, Business Advisory and the Future of Work. EWS is the only place you’ll get these thought leaders in one room sharing their insights, advice and predictions.

Natalie James

Partner, Deloitte, Former Fair Work Ombudsman

Nick Duggal

Partner, Workplace Relations, Moray & Agnew

Doug Leeby

CEO, Beeline

Rebecca Houghton

Founder & MD, BoldHR

Deb Jackson

Head of Talent Acquisition, Transurban

Tanyth Lloyd

Head of Talent Acquisition Innovation, Korn Ferry

Tara Nguyen

Head of Employee Services, Employee Experience, Origin Energy

Darren Morris

Director, Client Services, CXC

Jan-Willem Weijers

Global Workforce Manager, AkzoNobel

Gabi Bywater

Expert Advisor (Former Director, Category Management, Human Service, NSW Treasury)

Sue Howse

CEO & Founder, Black Diamond



The composition of the workforce has already changed – and the change is accelerating. In just a few short years, nearly 30-50% of the average corporate workforce will be considered ‘non-employee’ (that is, independent contractor, freelancer, temporary staff, professional services or robotics).

Political and social pressure, along with the potential loss in tax revenue, has seen government and regulatory bodies taking steps to regulate and protect this area. However, implementation of these regulations and policies to this fast-moving sector has lagged resulting in confusion and complexity.

You’ve got new types of engagement, and you’re wondering how you embed them into your culture and total talent strategy.

You can learn from the experience of thought leaders who have implemented and grown successful contingent and total workforce programs.

This online series is like no other, where you’ll take away valuable insights for improving your total talent strategy.

Your business can’t afford for you to not attend.

What you will get out of the summit 2019 #EWS Highlights

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